Custom built computers  
We can build a computer to your exact specifications. Just tell us which CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard disk, graphics card, case and operating system that you would like and we will build, test, deliver and set it up for you. Asus gaming computer
Desktop computers  
We supply all of the top quality brands of computers from entry level systems to top of the range high specification models. We can help you decide which system is most suited to your particular requirements. Lenovo desktop
Laptops & notebooks  
If you are looking for a laptop or notebook PC we can guide you through the huge range of makes and models on the market, to ensure that you buy a system that is perfect for your needs and won't be out of date next month.
Network servers  
If you need a server for your business network we supply top quality systems from manufacturers such as; Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Lenovo etc.
Computer peripherals  
We supply printers, scanners, monitors, routers, hubs, fax machines, speakers, keyboards, mice, back-up devices, wireless devices, headsets, webcams, network devices, media players etc. Epson WP-4525
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