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To access the internet on a computer from your home you need an account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and broadband modem or router.

There are two main types of router; a cable router is required if your ISP uses fibre optic cables (Virgin Media for example) and an ADSL modem router is required if your ISP uses standard telephone cable.

Some routers have wireless built in so that you can access the Internet without connecting a cable between your computer to your router. Laptops come with built-in wireless adapter but desktops require a separate wireless adapter to connect to the internet.

A router allows you to share the Internet with multiple computers at the same time.
  Interesting fact
Before broadband the only method of connecting to the internet was via a dial-up modem. because of the limited speed of the connection it would take 24 hours to download a single movie.
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We provide an comprehensive Internet set-up service for your computer, smart phone, iPad or laptop. We will get you on-line, set-up your e-mails and ensure that your wireless connection is properly secured.

We can provide all of the necessary hardware and we can give you expert advice about ISPs, e-mail accounts and equipment.
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