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The most common question we are asked is "why is my computer so slow"?

It usually happens when your system is around 18 months old. You were happy with its performance when you first bought it, but now it takes an age to start up and then it's really slow and unreliable once it finally gets going. Many customers are so frustrated that they are tempted to replace their computer even though it may only be a couple of years old, but there is a cheaper alternative.

Our computer boost service will guarantee to return your PC or laptop to it's original performance or sometimes even faster.
How does this work?
1 We back-up all of your documents, photographs, videos, music and e-mails.
2 Your hard disk is completed wiped and Windows is reinstalled from scratch.
3 All of the latest Microsoft Windows updates are installed.
4 We test that all of the components (sound, wireless, video etc.) are working correctly.
5 Your personal data is scanned for viruses and then loaded back on to your computer.
6 We install Adobe Acrobat, Flash Player & Java on to your system.
7 We can also install any other software that you provide and set-up your e-mails..
8 We fine tune your system to ensure that it is running at it's optimum.

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