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What is a hard disk
Inside a hard disk

A hard disk (also known as hard drive and disk drive) is the component that stores all of the files and software on your computer. Laptops use a 2.5" hard disk and desktop computers use a 3.5" hard disk. Storage capacity ranges from 120GB to 3TB.

A hard disk consists of a number of internal discs coated in magnetic particles that spin at around 7,200 RPM. Each disc surface has an actuator arm with a magnetic head that reads and writes to the disc.


Interesting fact
The first hard disk was the IBM 305 RAMAC and it was invented in 1956.

In spite of its size (16 square feet and over 1 ton) it could only store 5MB of data.
IBM 305
Data recovery service

Our data recovery service rescues your important documents and files from a damaged and unreadable hard disk. Although we can not guarantee full recovery (success is dependent on the severity of the damage), we only charge for data that we can successfully recover.

We also offer a service to recover files that you have mistakenly deleted. The success of this procedure is dependent on how much you have used the computer since deleting the files.

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