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Hardware upgrades

There are many components in your computer that can be upgraded to give a boost in performance.

RAM (Memory) - Modern computers support up to 64GB of RAM, but most computers are supplied with 2-4GB. The more memory your computer has the better the performance.

CPU (Processor) - This is the main component of any computer and it provides the raw processing power. Speeds range from 1.8Ghz to 3.2Ghz and each processor can have 2, 4, 6 or even 8 cores.

Graphics Card - This component produces the image on your monitor. Graphics cards have their own processor built-in, so the better the graphics card, the less work your CPU has to do and the faster your computer works.

Hard Disk (Storage) - This is the component that stores all of your files and software. The larger the hard disk the more documents, photos & music files you can store.

Motherboard - The motherboard is the largest component in your computer and it connects all other components in your system together. If the motherboard is replaced then all other components (RAM, CPU, hard disk etc.) must be compatible with the new motherboard.
Software upgrades
The benefits of upgrading the operating system (Windows) are speed and reliability. As long as your computer has the minimum hardware requirements for the upgrade, your computer will run more quickly and be more reliable.
Laptop upgrades
The upgrade options for a laptop are limited because many of the components are built-in and cannot be replaced. The components that can be upgraded are the memory (RAM), the storage capacity (hard disk) and the operating system (Windows).
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